Grocery Shopping survival guide

As the Mother of 4 young boys nothing can seems more daunting of a task than taking them out in public. Anywhere other than the playground usually ends up in several tantrums, complaints and a pool full of tears, not from the children, but from me. Nevertheless, errands have to be run, grocceries have to be gotten so, we must find a way to cope with the drama or avoid it altogether.

BTW: Who in the world came up with the saying “save the drama for yo Mama”?! Like which Mama in this world did they think wanted to deal with the drama of her children or anyone else for that matter???

I’ve compiled a list of tips that I use myself to get through shopping trips with my boys. Hopefully you find these helpful and will share with a Mommy friend in need! (it could save a life)

Tip #1- Timing

Plan your grocery trips around your children’s needs. If it’s around nap or lunch time, DON’T TAKE THEM OUT! Allow them time to have what they need before you leave the house. It’s simple logic, just like big humans, tiny humans are more in control of themselves when they are full and rested. You’ll never win a battle against a hangry child.

Tip #2- Snacks

Children are bound to see and ask for extra things as you all walk around the store, instead of adding said extras to your cart and racking up your food bill, make a small pack of their favorite snacks from home and a drink to keep there little hands and mouths occupied. Also pack a little snack and drink for yourself, because you matter too, and you’re doing a great job.

Tip #3- Keep em busy

Kids don’t understand or care about adult business, it’s boring and they’d much rather be doing something else that fulfills them. Another way to keep their little butts busy while you blaze through your shopping is by packing tablets/books/toys for them to have and play with. These toys and snacks are your defense system, do not take these 2 tips lightly.

Tip #4 Make a list

Make your grocery list ahead of time( like 24hrs pre shopping trip, ahead of time) so that you go in with a clear path to take and lessen the chance of forgetting items. If you have older children they could help you by reading the listed items off and/or picking them off the shelves.

Tip #5- They work for you

You’re raising strong, independent and capable children, help to create and reinforce good habits by letting them help you get things done. Divy up the duties, show and tell them what you’re doing as you’re doing it. Get creative and remain flexible, even the tiniest of walkers can do something!

(Ideas) Older kids can be sent down isles to retrieve items, keep track of the budget. Toddlers can sit in the basket and keep it “organized”, have them stack, sort, seperate…whatever keeps them busy.

Tip #6- Throw your cares to the wind

Alright this tip is geared towards your mindset moreso than what actions to take. I’ve learned, quickly, that trying to hush and correct every “abnormal” behavior coming from every kid, and trying to getting my shopping done, is absolutely impossible. Guess what KIDS WILL BE KIDS. Everyone at some point in their lives was the child acting up in the grocery store, embarassing their Mother. Everyone at some point, was the parent in the store whose child(ren) were acting up. Point is, most people around you have been or are in your shoes, your display is not foreign or different, there is no need to feel embarassed or pressured. Stay true to the way you raise your children, don’t become more strict because you feel people are watching you. In my opinion, if they are not causing direct harm or strife to anyone else then there is no need to get your panties in a bunch, stay focused so you can get done quickly.

Tip #7 Parking

Last tip here, which probably should have been numner one because it starts before you get inside the store, but whatever. Park close to the carts for an easy transition from car to basket. That way, no one has the oppurtunity to slip away from you and play tag in the parking lot. It also makes loading the groceries and returning cart a breeze as well.


Welp, that’s all she wrote ladies (I am she, she is me). My top 7 tips for grocery shopping with the griml- I mean babies 🙂 Like em, apply em, tell me how it helps ya! Until next time, happy shopping! Tips, questions, critiques? Leave them below.

The Intentional Mama

3 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping survival guide”

  1. I love this. Not because you’re a part of me., but because you’re using what God has blessed you with. Wisdom. You go Girl!!


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