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4 books that will change your life!

Okay, I’ve got it! Since you’re here I think it’s safe to assume you’ve been feeling stuck and you’re looking for resources to pull yourself out, right? Or you’re not stuck but you love a good read and need to add to your collection? Either reason sits well with me, and I think I’ve discovered a few useful gems for you! 🙂

I’ve put my focus on and compiled a list of 4 books that’ll have you crying, laughing, squirming under the pressure of your own truth, deep breathing and realizing how worthy of it ALL you truly are!


These reads are life changing and extraordinary! I’m beyond excited for you to read any of them and begin to get your spirit right. All four books are from great leaders who have walked the walk that they talk.

Some of these books are available as audio on YouTube (free 99!!) and a couple of them you will have to buy/borrow/check out through your favorite book site or library. (I will note what is on YT and what isn’t.)


Without further ado lets hop into this list!

1. You are a BADASS- JenCenciro

This book is everything! In your face, funny and so relatable. If you’re ready to manifest a life you’ll love, and miiight have a bit of a potty mouth (like I) then this is the book for you! You’ll love Jen’s approach in helping you unleash your inner bad ass, every day! She gives real world examples in support of the mindset she’s teaching, you’ll also be prompted to write your thoughts down. She offers a ton of affirmations and solutions so have a notebook and pen handy! Free audio on YouTube.

2. The 4 Agreements- Don Miguel Ruiz

The raw, tender truth! You’ll appreciate this book so much! Don Miguel Ruiz keeps his words clear and concise which move you in a way that’ll have you thinking about how your past has affected your present. This book gives you a foundation of how to live a satisfied life no matter who, or what you may come across. The 4 Agreement is not available on YouTube, check your local bookstore or Amazon for this find.

3. No Matter What- Lisa Nichols

Powerful, impactful, a must-freaking-read!! Lisa Nichols is my girllll…more respectfully my favorite Aunt! She is a woman to model, and has all the best methods for transforming your life! Not only do I suggest reading her books but you should also subscribe to her YouTube channel, “Motivating the Masses” for daily life changing content.

In this book she shares her story on how she went from scarcity to abundance, highlighting all her trial and errors, and enlightening us on how she surpassed all obstacles! Her story is juicy, inspiring and deep. She’ll help you form a mindset that says “I will achieve my dreams, NO MATTER WHAT”

4. You are a badass at Making MONEY- JenCenciro

Another goodie, and I’m hooked! This book is definitely on my repeat list. In this book Jen focuses in on your thoughts about money, and how it got that way. She guides you through a series of questions, and examples to show you how your mindset around money has gotten you to where you are today. If you plan to grow your finances, plan to read this book. (or listen on YT)

Before I read it I was not aware of what thoughts I was having about money, nor had I an awareness of how those thoughts effected my unpleasant looking bank account. I thought I was fine, or neutral at best. Well 1 trip through this book made me confront my stagnant thinking, pulled out all the negative self talk and, replaced that space with more concise and forward-thinking thoughts matched action plans to enhance my finance.

Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope.

-Kofi Annan


I’m endlessly grateful that I came across these books and I’m super excited thinking about how they’ll impact you! Comment and let me know which you plan to read first or leave your own review of one you’ve already read! Share this if you found it helpful and thank you so much for being here!

BTW: I am not an affiliant of Youtube or Amazon. But maybe I should be 😉

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